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is this tile set compatible with GB studio? because it hasnt been made clear to me yet if that developing engine can only take 4 colors or if it can take more?

4 colors for the bg and 3 for sprites because one of the colors is the transparent color. You can download Gurbs and use the assets freely. 

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Perhaps you missed the comment from the author below:

"Sodacoma 260 days ago (1 edit)

These aren't ripped. They are drawn to be VERY SIMILAR, but not copied. It's a clean room design made to mimic the style. Nothing was infringed."


I even reached out to the creator on Twitter, these are free to use commercially. Nothing was ripped.


Looks like people can't just accept INSPIRATION and self-work is not copyright infringment :)

i also nead to know the license as i use it for a coming comercial release :)

I nead to find new artwork if its not for comercial use?

8 Breed - rouge lite

What license is this released under?  Can this be used in a commercial product?

Maybe I missed it, is there any part of the sheet dedicated to slashing bushes? Like, the tiles needed to animate a short bush-gets-slashed mechanic?


I haven't purchased yet, but I don't see any mention of a license.  Can you please add a license.txt file to the pack, and a small blurb on the page that explains what license this is being released under?

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Love the set. Had to add some things myself. There was no swinging sword sprite in the b&w sprite set. Would love to see some more tiles for this!

Whoa this looks *great*

I can't help but realize that there's no idle animation for player


This would be something cool to use with the Solarus engine.

Hello Sodacoma! Really nice work, but i have a question: why i can't find any interior house tiles? :( it's weird

Hey Kibou. I'm sure you have already found them by now, but the house tiles are in the same sheet as the dungeon ones.

Yes found :) thanks anyway!


Is it possible to use it in commercial games?

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aren't these copy righted by Nintendo? These are all 100% ripped from a LoZ game. I got these and way more for free from while using zelda classic and zelda quest.

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These aren't ripped. They are drawn to be VERY SIMILAR, but not copied. It's a clean room design made to mimic the style. Nothing was infringed.

Other than the base colors, nothing was explicitly stolen.

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maybe im wrong. i dunno man. sorry. just skeptical. looks seemingly the same.

Yeah, I totally understand though. Unless you have them side-by-side it's very hard to tell them apart unless you're really familiar with it.

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why do these look so much like those SNES Legend of Zelda games?

because they are.

So you mean these are for The Legend of Zelda-like games?

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Sure, send me an email and I'll get back to you.

How does this look resized to 48x48?

It should look fine as long as you keep the scaling set nearest-neighbor and there's no interpolation

Any chance for a palette? :)

You mean an organized index of colors in the PNGs themselves?

Yeah! Makes palette swapping a bit faster :)


You know, that's actually a really good idea and I don't know why I didn't bother doing it in the beginning.

I'm confused, did you change this from an update to a separate pack? I had the updates for a few days, even started working with them, and now I don't?

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I unlisted the old version and put up this one, since so much has changed between the two versions it warranted a new page, I'm still however updating the old one for the people who have already bought it, thanks for reminding me to update the ZIP.

Oh, cool. I love your work so far.

These sprites are adorable and such a nice addition. Thank you.